Power X

The Rugged 137W PD Charging Laptop Power Bank

One Hour Recharge and Keep All Your Gadgets Going For A Week

Charger X

World’s First 100W GaN File Transferable Charger

Feature-Proofed, Ultra-Portable Charger, Hub and Power Battery

100W GaN Charger also Transfer

File and Build-in Battery

You don’t need carry dongles and power devices any more. With Charger X

can do it at once.

Charger X also build-in 10,000mAh battery, which means you can keep your

smartphones and gadgets going even there is on power source outside.

Charging Up Everything

of Your Gadgets

Also with the 100W high power, Power X allows you to charge a wide range of devices,

from low power to high power. Normally, power banks could charge mobiles only.

But with Power X, you could charge all your laptops, mobiles, and all small gadgets.


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